Impact of KVK

  • Improvement in agricultural scenario by the adoption of improved agricultural technologies i.e. use of HYVs, efficient fertilizer use, sowing methods,weed control techniques, plant protection measures etc.
  • Use of fortified FYM / compost by use of bioagents i.e. trichoderma, pseudomonas and worms.
  • Introduction of Basmati rice and Hybrid rice and area expansion in rice during last 2-3 years.
  • Horizontal expansion of area under oilseed and pulses.
  • Expansion in area under fodder crops like jowar, maize, oat,and berseem.
  • Improvement in the efficacy of man power by the use of improved small agriculture implements.
  • SHGs extracted unconventional fibres from local available source like bhang, rambance, bichhoo grass and use t hese fibres in handicraft and sell out these articles in local market.
  • Value addition of mandua with the help of NGO’s and bakery unit. Presently Mandua Biscuit is very popular in this area.